Roger von OECH

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Luojia for Greenspan (Roger von Oech, generally translated as "Roger Fung Ouke"), Roger ‧ ‧ Ouke Feng is "a creative way of thinking consultants," the founder and president. "Thinking of creative consultant" is located in California, stimulates creativity and expertise to provide new and innovative ways. He is the world's major enterprises to provide professional courses and lectures, these companies, including Coca-Cola, singular company, Disney, Intel, MTV, Microsoft, NASA, Apple Computer, Citigroup and the U.S. Olympic Association. He had two before writing the book a creative way of thinking: "wake-up call" and "kick in the butt kicked," and introduced the popular "creative big surprise" of the card. He and his wife and children live in California, Arthur Dayton City.
Roger Fung on ‧ ‧ Ouke the words of praise
Roger ‧ ‧ Ouke Feng has won the loyalty of readers to follow and support. -- "Business Week"
Roger Fung ‧ ‧ Ouke the rule not lost "Book of Changes" - "Fortune Magazine"
Magic skills! -- U.S. broadcast television network ABC "20/20" program
Show business talent. -- The "USA Today"
His boundless creative vitality! -- "The United States INC magazine"
Creative consultation in this area, Roger Fung ‧ ‧ Ouke omnipresent. -- "San Francisco Observer"